These iPhone Hidden Features Can Make Life More Efficient

Keep your emergency contact info at hand

Have you ever thought about how emergency services can get in touch with your loved ones if anything happens to you? It is important to designate an emergency contact in case you are unable to get in touch with them yourself. It turns out, you can use your phone for that.


You can also add important medical information such as blood type, weight, and height. It is fairly easy to set up. Open the Health app and tap “Summary.” Then, tap on your profile picture and you will see it says “Medical ID” at the bottom. Tap that, and then “Edit” to input all your information. You can turn on “Show When Locked” as well.


Use assistive touch to connect a cursor to your phone

The advent of the touchscreen has made typing a lot more streamlined. That said, there are times when your hands and fingers can get tired of holding the phone and you might want another way of controlling it. Fortunately for iPhone users, Apple has a built-in “Assistive Touch” feature that will allow you to connect a mouse to your device.


After all, everyone should be able to control their phone no matter their limitations. If you would rather use a mouse than your fingers, begin by going to “Settings” and touching “Accessibility.” Then, you need to go to “Touch,” and there you will find the “Assistive Touch” section. In the “Devices” section, you can connect any Bluetooth cursor you want.

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