These iPhone Hidden Features Can Make Life More Efficient

Save your electronic signature

With more and more areas eliminating in-person interaction completely, automatic signature services have become quite popular. It is much more simple and efficient to send documents that need signing by email or use a service such as DocuSign to make sure the document is not tampered with. Here is a tip on how to save your digital signature on your phone.



Open the PDF file and look for the “Markup” toolbar. Tap on “Signature” and draw it on the screen. You can use your finger or an Apple pen to draw your John Hancock and the phone will save it for other occasions. From then on, you will be able to paste it onto any document that requires it.

Set a timer to turn off any music or podcast when you fall asleep

Have you ever fallen asleep while listening to music and been rudely awakened by a blaring pop song an hour later? Do not worry, if you enjoy listening to your favorite artist or podcast before nodding off, we have a method to make sure you are not startled out of dreamland by any loud noises. First, you have to open the clock app.


You can program a timer to stop playing any media after a certain amount of time. Just tap on the alarm type and scroll all the way to the bottom. There you should find a “Stop Playing” option that you can activate to turn off whatever is being reproduced after the specified minutes have run out.

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