These iPhone Hidden Features Can Make Life More Efficient

Keep your emergency contact info at hand

Have you ever thought about how emergency services can get in touch with your loved ones if anything happens to you? It is important to designate an emergency contact in case you are unable to get in touch with them yourself. It turns out, you can use your phone for that.


You can also add important medical information such as blood type, weight, and height. It is fairly easy to set up. Open the Health app and tap “Summary.” Then, tap on your profile picture and you will see it says “Medical ID” at the bottom. Tap that, and then “Edit” to input all your information. You can turn on “Show When Locked” as well.

Force your phone to restart if it freezes

Since Apple has been getting rid of most buttons on phones, it can be hard to know how to access certain features that used to be activated by pressing something. One of these features is the forced reset to turn the phone off when it freezes. It is a fact that once in a while iPhones crash and the only fix is to force a shutdown.



It used to be done by holding down the power and the home buttons at the same time. However, the home button was removed four models ago. In the newer ones, you can trigger the same command by pressing volume up, then volume down, and then holding the power one down.

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