These iPhone Hidden Features Can Make Life More Efficient

They can re-dial an extension number directly

Dealing with customer service can be complicated. There are so many extensions and you keep getting bounced around different departments without solving anything. When you finally land in the right place, usually the line cuts off and you need to do it all over again. Luckily, your phone might have the key to making this process more simple.

Take landscape pictures with “Panoramic Mode”

The quality and definition of phone cameras and photos have increased drastically. New iPhone models even have multiple lenses so you can choose between a portrait and a landscape mode. If yours is an older model that only has a single lens, there is still a trick you can use to take a landscape picture if you need to.


The panoramic mode in the camera app uses different images to create a composite, so you can capture the entire scene. Just focus con keeping the arrow on the line, and slow down if it tells you to. Unfortunately, if you do not keep a steady hand the end result will be warped and you will have to re-do the whole thing.

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